Sunday, March 28, 2010

Knowledge is power - Oblivion is bliss

Canadian soil has presented us with yet another challenge, describing our Quest.

People ask, ‘how was your trip?’ and it is a difficult question to answer. Was it a trip, yes in ways it was, was it a vacation, only from our normal 9-5’s and everyday lives. Yes there was sun and fun and good food but it was so much more than that. Every day was a challenge filled with tasks, learning experiences, growth and development. Things that for some is hard to believe.
When people ask, ‘what was your favourite part?’ I don’t know how to answer. Five weeks can be a long time, especially when every day is filled with adventure, excitement and new knowledge.

Reflecting on all the things we did and all the wonderful people we met, we could take hours discussing our experiences and what they meant to us and how they’ve affected our lives but truth is people don’t really want to listen. Perhaps because they don’t understand, maybe because they can’t relate and others just don’t care.

The last five weeks have impacted our lives greatly, and for some people, this is a difficult thing to understand. Or perhaps they don’t want to. This, we must respect.

There is not a day that will go by where my life won’t be affected by the things I’ve learned from this experience, but I’ve also learned that I cannot force people to believe in the things I believe in. I cannot force them to listen to me and I can’t beg them to support the things I support and care about the things I care about just because they are important to me.

As grateful as I am for everything I have learned I have come to realize the truth about our world is too much for some people and they would prefer to be oblivious. We all must decide, as individuals, where we want to stand, ‘knowledge is power and oblivion is bliss.’

I will share what I’ve learned and my experiences with those who will listen and I will do all I can to make information available to those who want to learn more.

I look forward to meeting more of the similar kinds of people I’ve been privileged to meet in Mexico. People who care less about fashion, mainstream television and what people are saying is ‘cool’ and more about what matters to me like human rights, social justice, the environment, education and access to clean water.

I’ve learned these things aren’t for everyone and by pressuring people to listen I am only pushing them further away. But I’ve also learned there are many people out there who do care and are willing to listen and work together.
I believe these are the individuals who will make a difference in the world. I believe everyone has the ability to care and the desire to help those in need.

One mind at a time I believe we can shift the focus.

I believe in positive change.

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