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Same girl, same place; new partners!

Michelle Newlands en route Mount Afadjato, Ghana
February 2012
As always one adventure leads to another - and along my journey in Ghana I was introduced to an awesome organization called Operation Groundswell (OG). The purpose of OG is to provide travel-curious individuals with ... well, a trip of a lifetime!

OG is a non-profit organization that works to provide curious young travellers with safe, affordable, exciting and authentic travel opportunities in countries around the world. OG believes in community living, active participation and among all things, building friendship with those whose countries we explore. OG strives to have a positive impact in the places they travel and view every situation as an opportunity to explore and grow;  OG also makes it easy to do this, because participants are travelling alongside other awesome people in incredible places!

And long story short, I will heading back to Ghana from May-August to co-facilitate two summer experiential education backpacking trips. I choose to think most people feel the desire to explore and learn more about themselves, our planet and the people whom inhabit it - colours, sounds and scents - sometimes we're just ready to go! I am honoured to participate in the journeys of many young travellers this summer and thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the West Africa Discovery programs.

Please, check in and check up. Ask questions and live vicariously through the youth who have decided to be courageous and explore something new. Join us at OG's blogsite by clicking here or visit my personal blog at Think Glocal by saving the link!

If you're one of those people who has been bit by the 'travel bug' and/or are looking to 'spread your wings' but don't know where to start... maybe you should grab some friends and check out OG's incredible opportunities.

If you're going to travel - backpack! And if you're going to backpack - backpack with a purpose!
Do it OG style.

Michelle Newlands
Trip Facilitator
West Africa Discovery 2012
Operation Groundswell

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Michelle Newlands is a writer for -Think Glocal-
and a CIDA intern with Journalists for Human Rights.
Our current blog writer is Michelle Newlands. With a background in print and online journalism, Newlands is an international support worker who uses the power of media to create dialogue on global issues and build relationships between people, communities and nations.

Her past experience includes travelling to rural Mexico with non-profit educational organization Quest Internacional working as editor and administrator for online publication IDEALS.

Newlands is currently placed in Accra, Ghana as she engages in a CIDA funded internship with Toronto based non-profit media development organization Journalists for Human Rights.

-Think Glocal- will be actively involved in supporting her journey by posting personal thoughts, reflections and features of her experience abroad.

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