Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer 2012 = OG West Africa Discovery

"OG Represent" - Killing some time stuck at Frankfurt International Airport.
OG West Africa Discovery Program Trip Leader Miss Michelle Newlands.

Shortly after leaving Toronto Pearson International Airport, I landed in Washington. Shortly after that, I boarded a plane intended for Chicago. Unfortunately, due to thunder storms we were not able to leave the runway and sat idle for a total of four hours. After this wonderful four hour delay, we were informed we were on our way. One hour and a half hours later we arrived in Chicago, clearly all having missed our connecting flights; and we know what that means! Slumber party at the airport. Yep, it was now 1:00am - after having left Toronto at 12:00pm noon - our plane wouldn't leave until the next day at 5:00pm.  So, a group of us heading to Accra camped out at the airport enjoying our 20 dollar vouchers for grub until 5:00pm the next day when we headed for Frankfurt.  After this seven hour flight we had a five hour lay over and so, to keep myself awake and because I was filled with pure joy of being an OG trip leader, I snapped a candid while waiting for my next 7 hour flight to board. Ahhh, the thrills of travel.

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