Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Have you graduated and want to expand your career options outside of Canada?

Want to make a difference in the world, but are not sure how to go about it? Want to learn to travel ‘off the beaten path’, but do it safely?

Loyalist College is planning a one year, post-graduate certificate program starting this fall as an International Support Worker (ISW). The goal of the program is to prepare skilled and knowledgeable staff and volunteers to work in international development organizations anywhere in the world.

Canada has played a unique role in international development, and although there are a few university programs teaching about economic or political theories of development, there are few opportunities to learn how to travel safely, and the practical options for development.

The range of skills needed in developing countries is limitless. Therefore, students with any Diploma, or Degree will be eligible for admission. A Nursing grad might assist in public health in a clinic; a Business grad might contribute to developing Fair Trade; a Media grad might help with ‘telling the story’; a DSW grad might help with literacy or support services in another country; etc. The program is limited to 20 students.

This limit is mostly for safety reasons because the students will spend four weeks in Southern Mexico exploring development options and talking directly to people who live in dire socio-economic and political situations. We have to be safe about this.
Students will also be expected to do a month-long individualized internship where they will blend their previous training with their new skills to support people in another country.

You can view some videos on Youtube:


expenses of program:

sample of exploring development:

Any questions, please contact Gary Warren at

Gary Warren
Coordinator, ISW Program
Loyalist College

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  1. I think this will probably be one of the sweetest programs available at Loyalist college, mad props to you for helping it get started Michelle!


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